Prof. Mag. Hubert J. Flörl

2014 awarding of the title „professor“ through federal minister Andrä Rupprechter
since 1987 Freelance artist
1986 Scholarship for a 6-month study visit for Pharaonic Art in Cairo, Egypt
1982 – 1987
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, student under Professor Ferdinand Welz and Professor Franz  Xaver Ölzant
1978 – 1982 University of Applied Sciences for Sculpture – technical collage, Innsbruck
1960 Born on 29th September in Wörgl


2018 Exhibition st. Stephen’s Cathedral / Barbarakapelle
"12 Apostel & Hl. Barbara"
2016 Exhibition Sparkasse Kufstein, Kufstein
2012 Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta, Malta
2011 Exhibition EU Parliament, Brussels, with presentation "Silent Night Path"
2009 Exhibition and speech, EU Parliament in Strassbourg, theme: “Art and Hunting”, speech in the EU Parliament, exhibition Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa (Austrian hospice)
2008 Exhibition Euregio-House in Brussels
2007 Exhibition Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome, Audience with Pope Benedict XVI
2006 German Chamber of Commerce in Prague
2004 World Trade Center, New Orleans, USA
2001 Art Cult Centre Vienna, Tobacco Museum
1999 Exhibition in the Vienna House of Arts
1996 Real Estate H&H in Innsbruck
1995 Weißenburgpark in Stuttgart, presentation "Zodiac Calendar” Vienna House of Arts
1994 Sailer Gallery in Innsbruck, Donau Business Centre inVienna, Interalpen Hotel Telfs, presentation “Bergzyklus” Schloss Kaps in Kitzbühel
1993 Ken's Art Gallery in Florence, Ulrichshaus in Innsbruck, Vienna House of Arts  “Christliches Werk”
1992 Management Centre – Schloss Elbroich in Duesseldorf, Germany
1991 Atelier in Hamburg, Admiralitätsstraße
1990 ORF regional studio Tirol, gallery Elefant in Hall in Tirol, Association of Industrialists, Vienna
1989 Participation in the exhibition “Neuaufnahmen 1980 – 89” in the Vienna House of Artists, presentation “Tiroler Freiheit 1809 – 1989” in Wörgl, Austria

LIST OF WORKS – Extracts

               large sculptures
2020 Tennis player, bronze, 2.85 m, Schloss Kaps Kitzbühel / golf player, bronze 3.4 m Schloss Kaps Kitzbühel / Beethoven’s relief, plaster 1.7 m x1.2 m, Kitzbühel / Faistenberger’s Kitzbühel relief 1620-2020, plaster, 1.1 m x 1.05 m
2019 “Hubertus” relief, bronze, St. Anton am Arlberg, 2.5 m x 1.85 m
12 tree reliefs “project Canada”, plaster, 0.6 m x 0.4 m
2018 2 stone statuettes 1.4 m, Southafrican marble / “spring statuette” and ‚stream of water‘ 1.9 m and 1.9 m, marble of Laas / Twelve apostles, Saint Barbara, both 1.25 m, made for the exhibition at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, starting 2016
2017 sitting and lying musicians, bronze, 1.4 m Graz
2016 “Diana”, bronze, 3.2 m, Mellrichstadt an der Rhön
2015 Large stone statuette, “source of life”, Treporti, Venice, 1.8 m x 1.2 m x 1 m
2014 „spring of life” - jura marble - 1.80 m tall
“7 waterways” - carrara marble 1.20 m long
various sculptures
2013 relief Pope Hadrian VI, carrara marble 1.70m x 1.20m, library Santa Maria dell’anima Rome,
fountain “Waldwainberg WBG” 5.30 m long, 2.50 m wide, 3 m tall
finalization “Friedensweg / Path of Piece“ Hochburg Ach
2012 relief Pope Benedict XVI, carrara marble, 1.7 m x 1.2 m, library Santa Maria dell’Anima, Rome
altar Anima in Rome, 1.05 tall, 1.2 m wide and 1.8 m long
2011 Begin 8 piece cycle – Silent Night – Holy Night – Friedensweg
2010 The Trinity Cross, Divine Saviour Vienna, bronze, 2.8 m tall
2009 Raiffeisenbausparzentrale, Vienna – a fountain sculpture, stainless steel bronze, 6 m long
2007 Fountain made of stainless steel and bronze, Münster (senior-citizens home), 3.5 m tall
sandstone figure, Innsbruck, 2.8 m tall
2006 Music relief, Schwaz, bronze 2.5 m x 1.6 m
2005 2 sculptures of lions, cast stone sculptures 2.5 m tall, residential complex, Reith bei Kitzbühel
2004 Opening of the Franziskusweg – 9 sculptures made of stone and bronze, 3.5 m tall
Trinity Cross, made of bronze, 2.8 m tall, M4-shopping centre Wörgl
2002 Completion 4 piece watercourse cycle – for head office of Donauversicherung, Vienna, 1.8 m – 3.5 m, fountain sculpture for Tirol Werbung, Innsbruck, bronze 2.5 m tall
Bronze sculpture, portrait “Robert Schlumberger” 100th anniversary, company Underberg Schlumberger 2 m tall
2001 Mellrichstadt, relief for the company Reich's production hall 33 m long plaster/watercourse begin of large sculpture “Mother Earth”, carrara marble
2000 Completion sculptures for KTW in Kirchbichl, fountain, bronze 3.5 m long, stone sculpture     carrara marble, 3 m tall, relief in bronze, 2 m diameter, globe, aluminium cast, 1,25 m diameter
new construction of atelier, move from Vienna to Tirol
1999 Relief Vincenz of Paul, 2.4 m tall, 3.9 m long, hospital of the “Barmherzigen Schwestern” Vienna
1998 Fountain in cast stone, Bad Häring, Tirol, 2.5 m tall
1997 Relief for the Association for the Blind, Vienna, 2 m x 1.6 m, oak
1996 Fountain in St. Ulrich am Pillersee, 3.2 m tall, 5 m long
1995 Tennis sculpture for Leibnitz/Thomas Muster, bronze 2.5 m tall
second renovation of atelier in Tirol/Wildschönau
1994 Pillar, way of the cross 2.2 m tall, oak, Landhaus Innsbruck
1991 3 sculptures at the beginning of Wörgl, 3.5 m tall, aluminium and bronze
1990 Fountain Raiffeisenkasse Wörgl 1.6 m tall, bronze
Brunnen Raiffeisenkasse Wörgl H 160 cm, Bronze

1989 Relief in limestone Raiffeisenkasse Wörgl, 2.6 x 2.4 m
1988 Sculpture “Control Data”, Dortmund, Germany, metal sculpture, 4.7 m tall

I have lived and worked in Tirol and Vienna as a freelance artist since 1987. In all these years, I have moulded more than 45 large sculptures in bronze or stone.

Some important sculptures are for example:
• 4 sculptures in bronze  - watercourse for head office of
• 5 sculptures up to 3 m tall for KTW in Kirchbichl
• 4.6 m tall sculpture for the south campus of the University
   in Dortmund
• watercourse with 33 m for the Reich company in
• 9 sculptures “Canticle of the Sun composed by Saint Francis
   of Assisi”, in bronze and 3.2 m tall

I was awarded the “Theodor-Körner” award, for my sculpture “Mother Earth”.
Akademie Förderungspreis, member in the Vienna House of Artists