Future Project “Franz Xaver Gruber-Weg”

Franz Xaver Gruber, who was born in Hochburg, once composed the Christmas carol “Silent Night”. Today this famous song is sung all over the world. The song's simplicity and fine beauty is again and again moving. It is a song with a special magic and splendour. “Silent Night” -  a star was sent to bring light into the hearts of the people.

People have always been on the way. Many set off on purpose, especially in recent times. While they are on the way of St. James, Via Nova or on the St. Francis' Path, they use the experiences and encounters they have made to give their life a new direction, to set a new course, to recharge their batteries, to get to know themselves better and to feel the connection between the human being and “everything that is”.

This was one of the basic thoughts, that has inspired to build the “Franz Xaver Gruber-Weg” in Hochburg. This planned path should invite to feel the closeness of the world, which he symbolizes.

A path, which uniquely combines art and nature. On an almost 1 hour walk, you'll meet 7 sculptures, perfectly integrated in the wonderful landscape of Hochburg. The sculptures were all built by the renowned sculptor Hubert. J. Flörl.

Each sculpture, about 3 meters tall, represents a continent, propped by an angel's wing made of cast bronze. Each continent (stainless steel), displays a verse of the song “Silent Night”. On the reverse side, you'll find information about Franz Xaver Gruber and the spreading of the song. Signs on the path mark important places in the life of young Franz Xaver Gruber, for example the house were he was born, the babtistry, or the place where he had his first organ lessons.

The path passes the lovingly restored “Bundwerkstadel” and leads to the gothic parish church where the Franz Xaver Gruber Organ of Remembrance is displayed. After all these wonderful impressions of tradition and modernity this theme path gives you, the last impressive sculpture shows how Gruber and Mohr are performing “Silent Night” to Maria and the child.